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Dr. Steve Tereniak

The CHASE Molecular Synthesis Facility, led by Dr. Stephen Tereniak, supports CHASE’s Molecular Catalyst Synthesis & Evaluation Capability by supporting synthesis and characterization of molecular catalysts and assemblies with new linker technologies. This includes scale-up synthesis of benchmark catalysts needed to support ongoing projects in water oxidation and CO2 and N2 reduction. The synthesis capabilities supported by this facility also streamline research, preparing common starting reagents such as functionalized ligands. Equipment including an inert atmosphere glovebox, a microwave synthesis reactor, and a high-throughput column chromatography system enhance productivity and the quantity of purified molecular catalysts available to CHASE researchers.




Nitrogen Atmosphere Glovebox – Three glove MBraun Unilab Pro.

For the storage and synthesis of air- and moisture-sensitive chemicals. Includes a cold well and a -35° C freezer.


Automated Flash Chromatography System – Biotage Selekt.

Automated fraction collector with UV-Vis detector monitoring, two channels and three collection racks available, and optional mobile phase gradient creation based on TLC results.Normal silica, amino silica, and C18 silica prepacked cartridges available.


Solvent Purification System – Manufactured by Pure Process Technology.

For dispensing of dry solvents under an argon atmosphere. Includes THF, diethyl ether, acetonitrile, methylene chloride, and toluene.


Photo: UNC College of Arts and Sciences/Donn Young