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Dr. Renato Sampaio

The CHASE Electrocatalysis and Solar Fuels Product Analysis Facility, led by Dr. Renato Sampaio, houses equipment necessary to characterize hybrid photoelectrodes with an emphasis on solar fuels production monitored by a variety of methods, including O2 sensors, GC and GC/MS. Instrumentation for determining the real-time, definitive detection of oxygen for Faradaic yield determination under AM 1.5 solar irradiance are already in place. An important extension of CHASE research is to broaden this capability to N2 and CO2 reduction products. Toward this goal, CHASE will utilize a differential electrochemical mass spectrometer (DEMS) system for in situ time- and photoelectrochemically-correlated determination and quantification of gaseous or volatile electrochemical reactants, reaction intermediates and products generated during operational photocatalysis. A bipotentiostat for rotating ring disk electrochemical characterization of multi-electron transfer catalysis as well as a quartz crystal microbalance for quantifying mass changes to hybrid photoelectrodes will also be used. These electrochemical techniques will complement existing photoelectrochemical techniques and provide a more detailed mechanistic picture of light-driven electron transfer in hybrid photoelectrodes.


Photo: UNC College of Arts and Sciences/Donn Young